VP Social

FESA’s VP Social is primarily responsible for planning social events for the students in the Faculty of Education.  In the past, FESA has held several successful events such as trivia nights, formals, and meet and greets.  We look forward to bringing you more fun events this year.
About Carly Kimber
Hi my name is Carly Kimber and I am your VP social this year. Last year I was the first year co-chair for FESA and intend to make this year better than ever. The people in our program are not only friends but will be our future coworkers and the more we socialize with them today, the brighter our future will be with them later. Stay tuned for any social activities coming up and also make sure to get ready for the best gala around coming up at the end of the year. Shoot me an email if you have any ideas or questions!!
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