VP Academic Affairs

FESA’s VP Academic Affairs is the go between students and the faculty. If any students have any questions, comments or concerns they can contact the VP by emailing academic.fesa@gmail.com. At FESA meeting they will share these questions, comments or concerns that BEd student have with the program. It is also their responsibility to represent students at Faculty council meetings.


About Nicole Ricci

Hi! My name is Nicole Ricci and I am excited to be your VP Academic this school year. I originally hail from the small town of Leamington, Ontario and love only recently moved to Ottawa last year! I am currently studying in the junior/intermediate division and hoping to put my genetics degree from Western University to good use as a future science teacher! I was lucky to have to opportunity to serve as VP Social last year and am looking forward to another great year on FESA exec! Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, comments or ideas! Nicole

Contact: academic.fesa@gmail.com


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