VP Academic Affairs

FESA’s VP Academic Affairs is the go between students and the faculty. If any students have any questions, comments or concerns they can contact the VP by emailing academic.fesa@gmail.com. At FESA meeting they will share these questions, comments or concerns that BEd student have with the program. It is also their responsibility to represent students at Faculty council meetings.


About Elise Brisson

Hello! I’m Elise, and I’m your VP of Academic Affairs for 2019-2020. I’m from Cambridge, ON, and I did my undergrad at uWaterloo in Music. I moved to Ottawa last year for my BEd, and am now in Year 2. I’m part of the awesome P/J Global cohort! I’m happy to be a part of FESA this year to get involved in the Faculty as we go through this year together. If you have any questions or ideas about academic workshops, I’d love to chat with you!

Contact: academic.fesa@gmail.com


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